Empire Genetics Solutions

CYwP Fund II Invests in Empire Genomics

Current Yield with Participation Funds (CYwP Funds) announced today that Current Yield with Participation Fund II (CYwP Fund II) has invested in Empire Genomics (Empire), a provider of genomic reagents and clinical testing services headquartered in Buffalo, New York, alongside the company’s strategic partner.

Empire played a fundamental role in the Human Genome Project and is a pioneer in the commercialization of the genomic biomarker. The company positions itself as a resource for genetics and oncology researchers and a partner to the biopharmaceutical industry and physicians, with the goal of personalizing medicine to improve patients’ health.

Empire’s genomics division’s primary focus is the development and manufacturing of custom fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) probes, as well as solid tumor probes, loci specific probes and control probes. Products and services also include BAC Clones (bacterial slabs or purified DNA); Genotyping (SNP analysis); Circulating Tumor Cells; and custom services to meet unique research or clinical needs.

Empire’s clinical services division offers an integrated approach focused on providing diagnostic, prognostic, therapeutic and disease-monitoring information for the oncology market. The company’s fully certified facility and collaborative approach enables personalized medicine by making advanced clinical disease management tools available to oncologists, pathologists and cytogenetic groups.

The investment will support the expansion of Empire’s sales and marketing efforts.