Operating Company


Cellaria is a commercial-stage provider of cell models, media and custom cell line and iPSC development services. Founded in 2013 by former executives and scientists from Stemgent, the company’s goal is to revolutionize the investigation of the underlying mechanisms of disease, response to treatment and accelerate the search for more personalized therapies.

Cellaria’s core competency is in the production of highly validated, physiologically relevant cell models for disease and drug discovery research, a rapidly growing area of interest across the industry due to growing concerns over cell line validity, reproducibility and the trend towards personalized therapies.

Cellaria’s products are comprised of cell models and media which are sold through key distributor relationships as well as directly. Today, Cellaria’s capabilities also include defining and monitoring a collection of clinically relevant characteristics for each clinical disease category. Current customers include a variety of academic research facilities and biopharmaceutical companies.

While product sales comprised the company’s initial revenues, the services business is the core focus of the enterprise and is expected to drive much of the company’s near-term revenues.