Ducky Johnson


Operating Company


Ducky Johnson, an outgrowth of a third generation family-owned business, specializes in home elevation and general contracting services in the disaster recovery segment. Specifically, Ducky Johnson raises the elevation of homes in flood prone areas under government funded programs designed to reduce insurance claims. Based in Louisiana, the company elevates approximately 300 homes each year and is currently focused on projects in New York and New Jersey.  Ducky Johnson plans to expand and is considering states with newly funded programs including Louisiana, Texas, North Carolina, and Florida.

As the recognized leader in the home elevation segment of the disaster recovery sector, Ducky Johnson has significant growth opportunity. The US has moved just under 50% of its population to the coasts since the end of WWII, and with large disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy (and more recently, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma), billions of dollars have been set aside to fund preventative home elevation projects. Ducky Johnson has found a profitable niche in the disaster recovery industry and the prospects for growth are strong.