IXRF Systems


Operating Company


IXRF Systems is a fast-growing instrumentation company providing elemental analysis solutions using market-leading micro x-ray fluorescence. IXRF designs and manufactures high-end X-ray Microanalysis systems that are fitted to Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM/EDS). IXRF developed SEM-XRF microscope attachments allowing broader elemental analysis coverage.

Additionally, IXRF offers the ATLAS series of general purpose, microXRF energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (microXRF) spectrometers for elemental analysis and hyperspectral imaging of elements from carbon (C) through uranium (U). The company specializes in SEM/EDS, SEM-XRF and microXRF.

IXRF Systems focuses on four core competencies:

XRF: Elemental Analysis

IXRF is led by a team of scientists and engineers with collective experience of over 75 years.

Hardware Design

IXRF has a dedicated team including staff, partners, and consultants with extensive experience in x-ray, mechanical, and electrical engineering.


IXRF customizes its software for the client. It has written countless custom features / applications and integrated numerous different hardware components across many platforms.

Supply Chain

With an extensive supply chain network, from machining and prototyping to manufacturing and final assembly, IXRF can supply all of its clients’ microanalysis needs.