Mulberry Grove


Real Estate


Mulberry Grove is a 25,551 square foot, 46-unit/46 bed Senior Housing & Assisted Living property. Located in Barrow County, Georgia, Mulberry Grove offers quality personal care that promotes independence. The community provides residents with the care and services that they need while maintaining privacy and dignity. Giving residents the highest quality of life is a core value at Mulberry Grove. The property offers a well-maintained physical plan as well as an excellent reputation in the local market.

Barrow County offers a high quality of life with exceptional schools, access to quality healthcare and a lower cost of living. The area benefits from good accessibility to the “Innovation Corridor” (Interstate 85/University Parkway), which provides connectivity to major research universities and innovative resources. Barrow County has focused on developing industries like advanced manufacturing, biotech & life sciences, information technology, and distribution. With picturesque towns and beautifully restored architecture, the area is also “camera ready” and welcomes TV and film productions to use Barrow County to meet their location needs. The area continues to grow and become a popular spot for those to escape the hustle of the city, without sacrificing ease of access to big city benefits.