Omni Recycling


Operating Company


Omni Recycling, LLC (“Omni”) is a leading single stream recycling and waste disposal company. Headquartered in Pitman, NJ, Omni operates out of a 50,000 SF single stream recycling center where the company sorts and separates recyclables for commodity resale. The company generates revenue in two ways: collection of recyclables from various municipalities and townships (inbound revenue) and the sale of various recycled commodities through brokers (outbound revenue).

Products Omni sorts and sells include cardboard (approximately 54% of YTD August 2021 outbound revenue), HDPE plastics (15%), PET plastics (10%), and aluminum (7%), among others (14%). The company is one of the premier recycling centers in the Tri-State Area and serves 30+ municipalities.

Omni maintains sole source, multi-year (typically two to five years) contracts with a growing set of municipalities and townships, resulting in improving and sustainable financial performance. In the past few years, the company has continued to accelerate its acquisition of multi-year contracts with multiple municipalities in Southern New Jersey. With its most recent win in Q3 2021, Omni was able to secure a 5-year contract commitment from Cape May, one of the more affluent communities on the periphery of its catchment area. The management team and Sponsors are also excited to pursue several lucrative new growth opportunities through investments in Construction & Demolition (“C&D”) waste processing operations, for which the company has been approved for the full permitting and regulatory process, leading to a shovel ready project.

Founded over 25 years ago, Omni Recycling formerly operated as the Gloucester County Reclamation Center and was then acquired in the late 1990’s by Onyx Waste Systems. In 2002, the current majority owners purchased the company and renamed it Omni Recycling. Shortly after the 2002 purchase, the company introduced the first single stream separating system in the Tri-State Area.